People who make it possible

We win when we work together.

Executive Team

Amy Rosenthal

Executive Director

Annaise Foureau

Chief of Staff

Gracie Pajonk

Chief People Officer

Michael Ross

Chief Financial Officer

Community Engagement Team

Jamila Xible

Director, Community Engagement

Emma Boucher

Program Associate

Inika Vimal

Program Coordinator

Luby O'Connor

Community Engagement Coordinator

Sabrina Lingeman

Program Associate Team Lead

Development & Communications Team

Alex Tappan

Development & Administrative Manager

Davis Jackson

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

HelpLine Team

Hannah Frigand

Senior Director, HelpLine & Public Programs

Leslie Diaz

Director, HelpLine & Public Programs

Denise Hayes

Senior HelpLine Counselor

Carlos Solis

Senior HelpLine Counselor

Amanda Koffink

HelpLine Counselor

Ata Lopez

HelpLine Counselor

Keila Goncalves

HelpLine Counselor

Sandra DeSouza

HelpLine Counselor

Tamara Silien

HelpLine Counselor

Policy Team

Alex Sheff

Senior Director, Policy & Government Relations

Ashley Blackburn

Senior Director, Policy & Government Relations

Suzanne Curry

Director, Policy Initiatives

Grace Coughlin

Policy Manager

Grace Jurkovich

Policy Manager

Marcella Lampon

Policy & Project Coordinator

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