There are many ways to support HCFA and its mission to promote health equity and ensure coverage and access for all. One such way is by bequeathing a gift. A bequest is a donation that is made as a part of a will or trust. There are multiple types of bequests that can be made through your will, depending on your current situation. These bequests can offer flexibility along with tax benefits for your estate.

One of HCFA’s earliest bequests came from long-time donors, Dr. Joe Restuccia, brother of Rob Restuccia (HCFA’s first executive director), and his wife Nancy. They chose to include HCFA in their revocable trust in 2019, a decision they made because of their commitment to HCFA’s goals.

Joe & Nancy Restuccia, HCFA Donors

“We chose to make this bequest to HCFA because we believe in the mission and the power of HCFA’s work. We know that our bequest will help ensure that HCFA is able to continue working towards a day when everyone in Massachusetts has the equitable, affordable, and comprehensive care they need to be healthy. This commitment to health equity is the same one that Rob Restuccia, whom we lost in 2019, believed in and worked towards every day through his leadership of Health Care For All and Community Catalyst. By making this bequest, we can guarantee that our support, and our love for Rob and for HCFA can continue long into the future.”

-Dr. Joe Restuccia and his wife, Nancy, pictured to the left

If you are interested in exploring this type of giving, we encourage you to speak with your financial planner. If you have specific questions about bequeathing a gift to HCFA, contact Sally Strniste at