Legislative Priorities 2023-2024

HCFA’s Legislative Priorities List 2023-2024

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Additional information about each bill is available below.

Making Health Care More Affordable

Expand Access to More Affordable Coverage (HB.1186/SB.733)

This bill creates a pilot program to expand eligibility for the ConnectorCare program to more MA residents, increasing access to affordable health care coverage with lower costs.

ConnectorCare Expansion Fact Sheet

Lower Rx Costs Fact Sheet

Lower Costs for Prescription Drugs (HB.943/SB.749 & HB.945)

These bills address high and rising prescription drug costs and reduce co-pays for people with certain chronic conditions.

Rein in Out-of-Pocket Costs and Premiums (HB.1188/SB.735 & HB.944/SB.614)

These bills help families struggling with high-cost, employer-sponsored health insurance by assisting with out-of-pocket costs and strengthening the Division of Insurance review process to rein in rising premiums.

Rein in Out-of-Pocket Costs Fact Sheet

Easing Medical Debt Fact Sheet will be available soon!

Ease the Burden of Medical Debt (HB.284/SB.189)

This bill would prohibit consumer reporting agencies from including medical debt on consumer reports, ensuring that people carrying medical debt do not face additional burdens.

Address High-Cost Hospitals and HPC System Accountability (HB.1189/SB.734)

This bill improves the Health Policy Commission’s ability to hold the state’s highest cost hospitals and health systems accountable for exceeding the cost growth benchmark.

Holding High-Cost Hospitals Accountable Fact Sheet will be available soon!

Making Health Care More Accessible

Cover All Kids Fact Sheet

Cover All Kids (HB.1237/SB.740)

This bill expands comprehensive MassHealth coverage to children and young adults whose only eligibility barrier is immigration status.

Expand Access to Maternal Health through Home Visiting (HB.985/SB.672)

This bill makes permanent and expands statewide a universal postpartum home visiting program under the Department of Public Health, as well as requires both MassHealth and private insurance to cover the services provided by this program.

Expanding Maternal Health through Home Visiting Fact Sheet

Enhance Access to Dental Providers Fact Sheet

An Act Increasing Access to MassHealth Dental Providers (HB.1236/SB.779) & An Act to Ensure Consumer Cost Protection Under the Dental MLR (HB.1119/SB.676)

These bills provide incentive payment to encourage dental providers in high-need areas to treat MassHealth members and enhance consumer cost protections under the new dental Medical Loss Ratio.

Promote Continuity of Coverage for Children (HB.1214)

This bill requires at least 12 months of continuous eligibility for children enrolled in MassHealth.

Continuous Eligibility for Children Fact Sheet

Reduce Barriers to Care by Simplifying Prior Authorization Fact Sheet

Reduce Barriers to Care by Simplifying Prior Authorization (HB.1143/SB.1249)

This bill simplifies the prior authorization process to provide timely, safe and affordable access to evidence-based care.