Legislative Priorities 2021-2022

An Act to ensure more affordable care (HD2708/SD1716)

This bill would make medications and treatments for chronic conditions available without cost, create a program to lower premiums for individuals and small businesses and push back on insurance cost increases.

The MAC Act Fact Sheet

Hospital Transparency Fact Sheet

An Act to ensure transparency for high-cost hospitals (SD1718)

This bill would require more transparency about how much hospitals contribute to health care costs faced by individuals and families

An Act to ensure prescription drug cost transparency and affordability (HD 2948) and An Act relative to pharmaceutical access, costs and transparency (SD 2217)

This bill would address high and rising prescription drug costs and help individuals and families afford critical chronic disease medications.

Prescription Drug Affordability Fact Sheet

Prior Authorization Fact Sheet

An Act to improve the health insurance prior authorization process (HD3799/SD1184)

This bill would simplify the prior authorization process to provide timely, safe and affordable access to evidence-based care.

An Act relative to expanding equitable access to maternal postpartum care (HD2470/SD1929)

This bill would direct MassHealth to seek approval from the federal government to extend postpartum coverage from 60 days to 12 months, ensuring continuity of care during this critical time.

Maternal Postpartum Coverage Fact Sheet

Coverage for Children with Disabilities Fact Sheet

An Act to ensure equitable access to health coverage for children with disabilities (HD2945/SD1909)

This bill would expand comprehensive MassHealth coverage to children and young adults with disabilities whose only barrier to this coverage is immigration status.

An Act establishing an oral health special commission and needs assessment (HD2962/SD1526)

This bill would establish a special commission chaired by the Department of Public Health to conduct an oral health needs assessment and provide recommendations to improve access to oral health services.

Oral Health Needs Assessment Fact Sheet