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For over 30 years, Health Care For All has worked tirelessly to develop policy solutions that improve health care access, affordability, and quality for Massachusetts consumers. In addition to drafting legislation and working with policy makers on proposals, Health Care For All works in coalition to develop and inform consumer-driven organizing and grassroots campaigns in support of critical policies.

Our Achievements

The organization’s policy achievements include leading several waves of broad Massachusetts health reform, including legislation in 2006 that was the precursor to the Affordable Care Act. Legislation in 2012 resulted in the nation’s first comprehensive law aimed at controlling health care cost growth through the adoption of alternative payment methodologies, care coordination, and investments in technology, wellness, and prevention. Most recently in 2019, Health Care For All was instrumental in implementing reforms in the FY20 state budget that​ gave MassHealth, the state Medicaid program, new tools to negotiate additional rebates for certain high-cost prescription drugs. ​With these tools, MassHealth has so far saved over 90 million dollars – savings that are critical to sustaining this vital program.

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