Patient & Family
Advisory Councils

Massachusetts law has created unique structure for patient and family engagement across its 119 hospitals


Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs). Under state law, all hospitals are required to maintain a PFAC and to release an annual report on the activities, recruitment, and engagement of the PFAC. These annual reports are to be published or made available to the public by October 1st each year. PFACs provide an effective and built-in structure to harness patient and family engagement, as many contribute to operational decision-making as members of hospital committees, engagement in quality improvement projects, and policy and procedural changes.

Our Engagement

Health Care For All has helped hospitals and PFAC volunteers with technical assistance and with the annual reporting process for many years. Each year the organization shares a recommended reporting template with PFACs statewide and collects reports from hospitals that are made available on Health Care For All’s website.

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