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Statement about the Violence in Washington, D.C.

By January 8, 2021No Comments
Thursday, January 7, 2021 – Today, many of us are still in disbelief trying to comprehend the events that unfolded in our nation’s capital in the last 24 hours. Trump supporters – encouraged by the President’s racist, hate-filled rhetoric and lies – attempted to subvert our Democracy and prevent the certification of the presidential election. While the protests and riots were not unexpected, it is extremely distressing to see images of hundreds of domestic terrorists violently storming the Capitol, looting and damaging our historic building.

The violence by extremist rioters and the inadequate police response provided a stark contrast to the brutality and military-style tactics seen at the Black Lives Matter protests last year. Yesterday, white privilege allowed most of the offenders to walk away without further consequences. People who committed these criminal acts, and those who explicitly incited them, must be held accountable for their actions. For our nation to move forward, we must heal through the hard work of righting injustices, not just of the last four years, but also those that have existed long before.

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