For Immediate Release:
October 12, 2022

Media Contact:
Laura Giordano
Cell: 774-214-6410

Statement from Health Care For All’s Executive Director Amy Rosenthal Regarding the “Family Glitch” Final Approval

BOSTON – The IRS has announced its final rule-making changes to the regulatory flaw in the Affordable Care Act that prevented too many American families from accessing health care. Millions of Americans had been locked out of federal health insurance premium subsidies due to a misinterpretation of legislative language that calculated eligibility for the premium subsidies based on individual costs rather than family costs.

“Health Care For All (HCFA) applauds the Biden administration for its continued commitment to ensuring health care is affordable for all Americans. With the elimination of the so-called “Family Glitch,” an estimated 5 million Americans, and 44,000 Massachusetts residents, will now be eligible for affordable and accessible health care that they were entitled to under the Affordable Care Act. In a time when inflation is rising, insurance premiums are increasing, and families are struggling to make ends meet, HCFA is grateful for the federal government’s actions to amend this error that made health care unaffordable for millions. We hear every day on our HelpLine from residents who struggle to afford health insurance coverage for themselves and their families, and this significant change will bring greater relief to them. We look forward to working with state officials to ensure all eligible residents of the Commonwealth will be able to receive new, or lower cost coverage through federal premium subsidies when open enrollment begins on November 1st.”