For Immediate Release:
March 9, 2023

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Laura Giordano
Cell: 774-214-6410

Statement from Health Care For All’s Executive Director Amy Rosenthal on Federal Court Decision to Strike Down Mandated No-Cost Preventive Care Procedures

BOSTON – A statement from Amy Rosenthal, Executive Director at Health Care For All:

“This most recent attack on the Affordable Care Act puts in jeopardy vital preventive care for millions of people. The loss of guaranteed no-copay cancer screenings and other life-saving procedures will disproportionately affect underserved populations, including the Black and Latin-American communities, that already face barriers accessing critical health care treatments at a time when we are encouraging everyone to resume screenings that were paused at the height of the pandemic. We urge the Biden administration to quickly appeal the ruling. In the meantime, Health Care for All will work with the Commonwealth to ensure these services continue at no cost to the consumer.”