Thursday, June 17th 2021

Contact Information:

María R. González Albuixech

Director of Communications

Health Care For All

Office: 617-275-2915

Cell: 617-320-3659

Boston – In a 7-2 decision, today the Supreme Court dismissed baseless claims challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that had left health insurance coverage for millions hanging in the balance. Health Care For All has always believed in the importance of this historic law and today we are thrilled to say again that the ACA remains the law of the land.

With more than a decade since the law’s passage, the ACA has been instrumental in building on the progress made through the Massachusetts state health reform law by providing new subsidies and consumer protections. It has allowed young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26; provided access to preventive services at no cost; opened the door for over 300,000 residents to enroll into comprehensive coverage through the Medicaid expansion and 200,000 people to qualify for tax credits through the Health Connector.

We are proud that stakeholders in the state including consumer advocates, policymakers, insurers, hospitals, providers, and businesses came together to defend the ACA. Despite the legal challenges, our community has remained committed to ensuring access to quality and affordable care for all state residents. With the confidence that the ACA will not be overturned, it is time to turn our attention to making sure that health care is affordable to everyone in the Commonwealth.