With less than two weeks remaining in its open enrollment period, the state’s health insurance marketplace has notched a record volume of people signing up for coverage.

Nearly 50,000 people have newly enrolled in plans available through the Massachusetts Health Connector since open enrollment began in November, Executive Director Audrey Morse Gasteier said Thursday. Since last January, she said, enrollment has climbed by 27% at the Connector, which offers plans for individuals, families and businesses through major health and dental insurance providers.

The increases come as MassHealth officials continue their effort to reassess eligibility for 2.4 million members. MassHealth has dropped about 203,000 members from its rolls in the first seven months of the eligibility redetermination process.

“We continue to reach and cover people who are found ineligible for MassHealth during the redetermination process and now need new coverage,” Morse Gasteier said during a virtual Connector Board meeting. “So far, over 75,000 of these residents have transitioned into Health Connector coverage. We expect to continue to work very closely with MassHealth and Health Care For All and continue our full-throated outreach efforts.”

That 75,000 figure translates into 23% of people who have qualified for Health Connector plans after being deemed ineligible for MassHealth, said Marissa Woltmann, the marketplace’s chief of policy.

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