AUG. 11, 2022….August in even-numbered years features plenty of self-congratulatory messaging from lawmakers about the bills they passed after months of deliberation – and perhaps some procrastination and brinksmanship – as well as a fair share of frustration about what they failed to complete.

But when it comes to health care, the disappointment seems to be a bit more muted.

Several prominent voices outside the halls of the State House were hesitant to take full swings at the Legislature after measures to reform step therapy, prescription drug pricing and hospital expansion oversight all stalled out without reaching the governor’s desk before the end of formal sessions. The Legislature’s plans to expand insurance subsidies to more working people came crashing down with a veto Wednesday, and the collapse of a $4 billion economic development bill dashed hopes for major assistance to the health care sector.

Calling the topic “very complicated,” Health Care for All Executive Director Amy Rosenthal said it “takes time” for lawmakers to find a viable approach on health care reforms.

“Are we disappointed that more doesn’t happen? Of course, we’re a consumer advocacy organization, we want to see movement as fast as we can so that we can make sure that people can afford their health care,” Rosenthal said. “But I think this is an iterative process right now, and I think there’s a lot of things that we’ve talked about in this legislative session that we’re really hopeful that they’re going to cross the finish line next session.”

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