COVID-19 Vaccine

Equity Initiative

Health Care For All is looking forward to our partnership with the State Department of Public Health, Archipelago Studies Group, and community based organizations in our joint initiative to help Massachusetts’ hardest hit communities learn more and get vaccinated.

The Initiative

As part of the initiative, Health Care For All and community based organizations will work to contract canvassers who will go door to door to talk to community members about the COVI-19 vaccines and how to get vaccinated. This on-the-ground approach seeks to help those who are overlooked by mass vaccination campaigns, or otherwise vaccine hesitant, feel less anxious about the vaccine. This initiative aims to dispel misconceptions and rumors about the vaccines and to increase both vaccine confidence and vaccination rates, particularly in communities that were hardest hit by the pandemic.


As of [date], we have seen the following results from the initiative:

  • Worked with [X] community based organizations
  • Contracted [x] canvassers
  • Present in [x] neighborhoods (list somewhere on this page?)
  • Knocked on [x] doors
  • Had [x] conversations
  • do we want to do vaccination outcomes

Where we work

  • a neighborhood
  • another one
  • a few more
“Super inspiring quote!”

-CBO, community member, or canvasser

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