About Tamara

Tamara is a HelpLine counselor for Health Care For All, covering the Haitian Creole, French and English phone lines. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Management from the University of Notre Dame (Haiti). When Tamara initially moved to the United States, she worked as a English-to-Haitian Creole translator for Partners in Development, a non-profit organization that provides those living in extreme poverty the tools to change their future. Later, she had great experiences in numerous consumer facing roles at organizations such as Bluegreen Vacations, the American Red Cross, Plan International and ABT Associates/USAID. She is thrilled to now be at HCFA, where it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve and advocate for the Haitian Creole community on the front line.

Contact: tsilien@hcfama.org | 617-275-2808

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