About Marcia

Marcia Hams, HCFA’s Ex Officio Board President, has worked for more than 20 years to expand access to quality, affordable health care. Prior to her retirement in February of 2016, Marcia worked at Community Catalyst, directing prescription drug initiatives, which addressed fair pricing, deceptive marketing practices and conflicts of interest, transparency in industry relationships with providers, evidence-based prescribing, and drug manufacturing safety. As the former deputy director of Health Care For All, Marcia was responsible for policy development, campaign organizing, and legislative advocacy on health reform, children’s health, Medicaid, managed care, and community benefits.

Since retiring, Marcia has broadened her issue activism through leadership in the Unitarian Universalist church and its community partnership and coalition work in social justice, environmental justice, and anti-racism/anti-oppression initiatives.  She is her congregation’s representative to GBIO, the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, and works with Centro Presente on immigration issues, and with 350 Mass and a new interfaith coalition on climate change.

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