About Hannah

Hannah Frigand oversees Health Care For All’s public program portfolio including enrollment, education, policy and advocacy. Hannah manages the day-to-day operations of the consumer HelpLine and the online community for enrollment assisters across the state. Hannah also guides HCFA’s policy work related to state public programs, including MassHealth and the Health Connector. Using the insights gained from HelpLine callers and enrollment assisters statewide, Hannah plays a crucial role in ensuring that HCFA’s policy and advocacy work meet the needs of consumers throughout Massachusetts. Before assuming her current role, Hannah moved up through the HelpLine, starting as an intern before joining the team as a full-time HelpLine Counselor and later becoming a HelpLine Supervisor and Manager. Hannah initially pursued art school but became interested in public policy after taking an introduction to government course. She subsequently decided to put down her paintbrush and to focus her studies on public policy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Government and Public Policy from Suffolk University.

Contact: hfrigand@hcfama.org | 617-275-2901

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