About Aaron

Aaron Holman, HCFA’s Board Vice President, currently runs the Medicaid Transformation practice at the Public Consulting Group. Aaron’s teams advise various Medicaid agencies, state insurance regulatory departments, public employee insurance plans, and managed care organizations on expanding and integrating services to beneficiaries and the uninsured. Much of this work looks to adjust financing and policy strategies to address potentially avoidable illness and care associated with the underlying health related social needs of various populations. In accomplishing these ends, Aaron’s teams continually emphasis the promotion of systematic learning and improvement as a basis for building a more durable health care delivery system.

Prior to joining PCG, Aaron was a strategy and operations consultant with Deloitte, the founder of a Political Action Committee, a United States Senate staffer, union organizer, and veteran of several Congressional and Presidential campaigns. Aaron is also an Adjunct Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Aaron lives in Somerville, MA with his wife and two children and spends much of his free time grocery shopping and doing laundry.

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