About Yaminah

Yaminah Romulus is a Policy and Project Coordinator at Health Care For All. She works with the policy department on HCFA’s affordable drug portfolio, where she provides research, analysis, coalition coordination, event planning, and administrative support. Prior to joining HCFA, Yaminah worked as a Health Policy and Program Associate at the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation providing research and analysis support across various program areas.  In addition to several other experiences in health policy research, she also served as a Patient Advocate at the Birmingham Free Clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of her major responsibilities included facilitating all aspects of the clinic’s Pharmaceutical Assistance Program applications and medications received free of charge for uninsured patients. Yaminah earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and her master’s degree in Public Health with a focus in Health Policy at Emory University.

Contact: yromulus@hcfama.org | (617) 275-2935

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