About Mikaela

Mikaela Gerwin is a Policy and Project Coordinator at Health Care For All. She works with the policy department on HCFA’s health care affordability policy through research, analysis, coalition coordination, event planning, and administrative support. Prior to joining HCFA, Mikaela worked as a campaign organizer for both Senator Ossoff and Senator Reverend Warnock on the Georgia Senate Runoff races in South DeKalb, Georgia and for President Biden and Senator Hickenlooper in Denver, Colorado. In addition to other health policy and direct service roles, Mikaela served in the federal Administration for Children and Families at Health and Human Services in Washington D.C. Mikaela earned her bachelor’s degree in History and Global Health and Health Policy from Princeton University and her master’s degree in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine from University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar.

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