About Chris

Chris Noble is Health Care For All’s Health Justice Community Organizer. Chris has been an advocate for people’s access to essential medicines and health resources since his diagnosis of type one diabetes back in 1995. Over the last 20+ years Chris has seen and heard far too many stories of peers and loved ones struggling to afford the medicines they need to thrive. Driven by a desire to ensure everyone has the right to life we are all guaranteed, Chris decided to get his Masters in Public Health specializing in Pharmaceutical Access from Boston University School of Public Health to better understand how to make medicines and health resources available to all those in need. Chris has worked in a number of different capacities including health education domestically and abroad, organizing and advocacy here in Massachusetts and nationally to protect and strengthen the ACA and improve prescription drug affordability, and as a health systems researcher with Harvard Medical School. He hopes to use his role at HCFA to connect the lived experience of people here in the commonwealth with the vast portfolio of health justice initiatives HCFA is pursuing.

Contact: cnoble@hcfama.org | 617-275-2940

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